Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with creativity, learning and fun!

My blog is only one month old, but already I feel it has had a positive impact on how I approach crafting. I feel more motivated to complete projects that in the past may have lingered with neglect. Documenting my creative process is a challenging new creative outlet; using props, staging and lighting my photographs and making tutorials are all new to me and I hope to get better at it with practice.

I want to keep up my blogging momentum in 2011, and while I have never held much stock in New Years Resolutions (I am usually breaking them by the first week), I do want to set myself some achievable goals for the New Year:

#1. I am participating in the Craft Book Challenge! I like the idea of really USING the books and patterns I already have (see resolution #2). It will also ensure that if I ever suffer from "crafters-block" I have something to fall back on, so I always have something to share with you.

#2. Stash Busting! The Tiny Apartment is crammed full of fabric, trims, beads, paints, paper, glue, tools, canvas, wood, wire, and all manner of odd junk I think could be useful. I want to try to use as much from my own stash as I can, instead of buying new materials every time I have a new idea. (Um, except for this weekend, when my local Fabricland is having a huge sale. You see what I mean about breaking these resolutions??).

#3. At least a post a week. I managed 13 posts in 30 days! That's pretty darned good if I say so myself, but if I am realistic, it might not be achievable throughout the whole year. So I am promising you a post a week, and I mean to follow through.

So that's it from me. What are your plans for 2011? Are you setting yourself some goals too? I would love to hear about them! And if you have a big stack of beautiful pristine craft books on your shelf somewhere, I encourage you to join Liesl's Craft Book Challenge too (see the link in the sidebar).

Happy New Year from the Tiny Apartment!


  1. Your blog is so inspiring, I can't wait to see all that you in store for 2011. And thanks for linking to Liesl's Challenge, I will be playing along.
    Wishing you all the best for the New Year, from my Corner to your Tiny Apartment! - Sylvie

  2. Happy 2011, to you too, Gabrielle--I always love looking at your photos! I am doing the Craft Book Challenge too, and I'm going to focus on sewing clothes since I've been avoiding that. My goal is one garment per month. I also am hoping to go to a kind of sewing camp full time for a week in 2011, since it's time to take my dabbling to the next level and get some tailoring skills!

  3. Hosting a 2011 goals linkup--please join us!

  4. I should brave up and make stash busting one of my resolutions too! Might encourage me to finally put to use some fabrics that have me stumped as to what to make with them.
    Good luck with your goals in 2011!

  5. it is going to be an amazing year , i just know it!!
    You have a beautiful blog, congratulations. I will soon be celebrating my third blog birthday.

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